Interactive Course with weekly Zoom Sessions and Individual Critiques on your Assignments

Recordings of both Zoom and Critique sessions uploaded to Google drive for students



Lessons available on SPRING 2024

Work at your own pace


Focus on a single Environment setting

  • Texturing with Substance Painter

    Learn a Physically Based Rendering workflow in a color managed environment.

  • Intermediate Environment Lighting

    Light environments to convey spatial clarity and mood

  • Focus on Details and Subtlety of space

    Finally we will combine all of our new stills to create a polished environment setting

Course curriculum

    1. Overview of the Portal

About this course

Meet Brian


Brian LaFrance has been creating CG imagery for over 30 years in games, animation and live action visual effects. Currently working for Industrial Light and Magic, he has also worked for Atari, Blizzard, Disney, DreamWorks and others on projects including  Star Wars, Wakanda Forever, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, Trolls2, Puss In Boots 2, Destiny2 and many others. Starting his career focused on look development and lighting, he is now a generalist focusing on environment creation. Check out Brian's work:

Brian LaFrance

3d Generalist

Use Industry Standard Software:

Maya, Nuke, Substance Painter and Substance Designer

  • Learn, Build, and Create

    Following the lessons in the courses, you will learn the fundamentals of being 3d Generalist/Environment artist

  • Interactive

    If you choose Zoom classes, you will interact directly with your Instructor and receive feedback on your work and recorded critiques. ZOOM Sessions date and time TBD

  • Community

    All courses give you access to our Community Dashboard. Here you can post, ask questions, and interact with all the members of Matte Mentors and Instructors

In this Course

We will go over the technical and creative skills to light and texture with a critical eye

  • Students will learn deeper level of Texturing/Lighting

  • Increase training your eye to evaluate your work on a single project

  • These lessons will add to your skillset in any CG workflow