Meet Eric


Eric Bouffard has been a Matte Painter in the Animations Industry for nearly two decades. Currently, he works at Walt Disney Animation Studios and was previously at Dreamworks Animation. Eric has taught various Matte Painting classes for several years at various institutions. Some films that he worked on are: Wish, Strange World, Frozen 2, Encanto, How to Train your Dragon2, Kung Fu Panda, and many many more. He has worked as a Matte Painting Artist, Lead, and Supervisor. Check out Eric's work:

Eric Bouffard

Matte Painter

Meet Brian


Brian LaFrance has been creating CG imagery for over 30 years in games, animation and live action visual effects. Currently working for Industrial Light and Magic, he has also worked for Atari, Blizzard, Disney, DreamWorks and others on projects including  Star Wars, Wakanda Forever, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, Trolls2, Puss In Boots 2, Destiny2 and many others. Starting his career focused on look development and lighting, he is now a generalist focusing on environment creation. Check out Brian's work:

Brian LaFrance

3d Generalist